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Hi beloved Sparkling fan ✨,
A special time for you to enjoy new content in our big games. Amazing things to look forward to, are now live! 🐈 + 🐕 +🌿 + 🏋️!
Play your favorite games and earn some incredible rewards. 💞

World Animal Day Event 🐈

Happy World Animal Day, now live in Zoo Life! For all the zoo managers who love our animals closer to home, get amazing (and free!) rewards! The new Legendary Cat is the prize!😻 Collect the toys and finish the event. Good luck!

Play the World Animal Day Event!

New: Pet Friends Bundle 🐕 

Don’t miss out on the limited edition Pet Friends bundle in Zoo Life! Only available during this World Animal Day special!🙀 Look at all the beautiful buildings in this pack. We also want to give our best friends at home a place in our zoo!

Get the Pet Friends bundle now!

Look at that… 👀
What could this mean? Exciting! ✨
We can’t wait to share more 😉

Play the Herbivore Fair🌿

The brand new Herbivore Fair arrived to Jurassic Dinosaur🎉! Manage your park and build new exclusive buildings. Collect fossils for the new exclusive rewards, and unlock the Legendary Edmontosaurus dinosaur.🦕 Good luck!
This video has event instructions.💡

Play Herbivore Fair now!

Get fit, get a Sports Pack🏋️ 

City Island 5 has this special bundle that includes the diving platform, weightlighting stage, gym and more. Be sure to check regularly for others deals or events! 🏙️
Are you able to collect all the packs, and make the most beautiful city? We love to see them, so do share them online! 📸

Unlock the Sports Pack now!

Gift Code For Our Loyal Fans 🪙

Our gift code for this week is: “cityhappy“. Be quick to cash it! It works in all games where you can claim gift codes!

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See you soon in our games! 

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