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Pre-registration is open 🎒

Roller Coaster Life: Theme Park is now available for pre-registration on Google Play and the App Store! And for our Windows players, rest assured – while pre-registration isn’t available, you’ll be able to download the game soon too. Dive into the excitement as you craft your theme park, manage guests’ expectations, visit friends, and engage in thrilling events. Pre-register now and receive the exclusive Super Fan Monument upon release. Thank you for your continued support! πŸ’“ 

Pre-Register Now!

Winter Packs on Sale β˜ƒοΈ

City Island 5: Embrace winter with our Combi Pack, with multiple snow themed packs on sale! Enjoy the festival building, factory, Swedish spa♨️, snowboard store, and exclusive snow paths ❄️. Bring the last of winter to your city in the cold season, only on sale now. Let the winter comfort begin! πŸ‚

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Gift plus Gift Code! 

City Island 6: We love to treat you with gifts as a thanks for playingπŸͺ™
Enjoy 5 Gold and lots of Cash by opening up this link
If it doesn’t work, copy it into your browser: https://deeplink.sparklingsociety.net/cityisland6/?code=v5vCfaeT 
You need the full link and code behind the = (equals sign).

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Narwhal Bundle 🐳

Zoo Life: Dive into the ocean depths with the exclusive Narwhal Bundle! Explore the seas with the majestic narwhal, unlock the submarine experience building, and protect marine life with the seahorse sanctuary and seahorse lantern. Limited time offer – seize the opportunity to create your underwater paradise! 🌊

Get the bundle with a discount!

Narwhal Bundle

Gift Code For Our Loyal Fans πŸͺ™

Our gift code for this week is: β€œNEWGAMESOONβ€œ.Β 
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City Island 5 🏑 Redeem here. 
City Island 6 πŸ™οΈ Redeem here.Β 
Zoo Life 🐼 Redeem here.
Jurassic Dinosaur πŸ¦– – Redeem here.

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