The End of Summer is here

Open City Island 5 now and get your present from the End of Summer Calendar! Get free prizes every day and hopefully… You’ll receive something rare. 🎁

Update to the latest City Island 5 for the End of Summer Calendar

You can play the Plenty of Presents Event for Village City Town. Good luck! 🎁 PLAY HERE.

Play Plenty of Presents & Win Rare Rewards

You can also play the Plenty of Sunshine Event in City Island 5! Limited time only. ☀

See you in City Island 5 for Plenty of Sunshine.

Finally, last but certainly not least… Our new game is on its way to release, but just a few moments to go. You can be the first to know when it’s available for download! Pre-register Zoo Life now!

Sparkling Updates! ✨

In City Island 5, have you spotted the Limited Building Packs for sale? There are a few more coming up, so check out City Island 5 to see which ones are on sale now! Open City Island 5 🏟

You can now play to Level 250 instead of ‘only Level 100’. Good luck hitting the elusive Level 250. ✨

A new Mini Game has been shared around a lot, did you Catch the Crooks yet? Be quick!

In Village City Town; Building Customizations have shown up.
What colour combinations did you work on?

Win big with our Double XP or Lucky Spin Events!

Watch out, perhaps your buildings caught fire? 🔥🧯

The Plenty of Presents Event is happening now in Village City Town, be quick to finish it!

See you soon!