Back again! Sparkling news and updates ✨

For our beloved fans, we have the Groundhog Day Pack on sale this week. Limited time only. 🍃
And a teaser for next week… The American Football Pack! Just in time for the big game! 🏉

But, there’s more… Check out the Great White Shark in the Sea Wonders Bundle for Zoo Life! 🦈

Find the Presents Event active in City Island 5 and get that treasure chest! 🎁
Then next week, there is the Challenges Event! Earn the Roman Colosseum 🌟

In Zoo Life, there are Munching Madness Events, occurring often. Time for those veggies! 🥦
New inventory feature – Use this to save space and better plan resources. 🔨

Did you try our new game City Island: Collections? We have now added the storage function, so you can keep buildings there and use them later! Try it now! 📦

Some cool events for Village City Town! Play the Presents Events or explore Wonders! 🎁 🗿

One hint for an upcoming update… 🚔. Can you guess it? Keep your eyes out for next edition! 👀

Can you help us rate Zoo Life: Animal Park? We really like it if you review our games, and that way we can improve the games! If you leave 5 stars (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) – that really helps us. Thanks so much!

That was a lot of updates! But finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! 💰🤑
Our giftcode for this week is: “buildingreward“. Be quick to cash it! Here is the redemption website with instructions how to receive. Do you also want to receive giftcodes? Subscribe HERE.

~ The Sparkling Society Team

Zoo Life – January news!🦈

Hi there!

Welcome to our Zoo Life update, where we will share some updates with you!

Version 1.7.0

Game version 1.7.0 is in the process of releasing and will contain a lot of cool new stuff such as:

  • New XP and Popularity Levels! Level up to level 150 now!🌟
  • New content: 8 new animals, 25 facilities and 6 decorations!🦈
  • More different zoo visitors that walk through your zoo!👧
  • You can now collect a Daily Bonus reward!📅
  • New mini-event: Munching Madness!🥦
  • 2 New exclusive bundles are coming up soon!🎎
  • There is now a confirmation pop-up when deleting decorations🌴

Check the store immediately to see if this update is already available to your device:

New content

Especially for you high level players, we added new animals to the shop! Add the Hammerhead Shark, Giant Anteater, Anaconda and 5 other animals to your zoo collection!

Expand your zoo’s entertainment with 25 brand new Facilities such as the Pasta Cafe, Amusement Ride, Snake House and more!

Take a close look and enjoy the new visitors that are walking through your zoo such as the Parrot Mascot, Granny or the Selfie Girl!

Daily Bonus

You can now collect free rewards daily from the Daily Bonus! And that’s not all, you can also earn extra and special rewards if you play for a long time!

New mini-event

Enjoy the launch of our new mini-event Munching Madness next week! During this event, the production of your food goes twice as fast! First up is the Vegetables variant! Check your event calendar to see when the Meat or Fish versions are starting!

Coming up

To celebrate the Lunar New year that is coming up in a few weeks, we will have an exclusive Oriental themed bundle for sale starting from January 19th! Don’t forget to update your game to 1.7.0 to receive this offer!

And that is not all…! This newsletter contains exclusive inside information of what the team is currently working on, which is… Zoo Life’s first game event👀 More information will be revealed later… Thank you all for your support, and we hope to see you back in Zoo Life soon!

Our holiday gift to you! Check out our new game.

A holiday gift for you! Our new game is here! Download City Island Collections now: for Android, iOS and Windows! 🎉

City Island: Collections is a merge City Building Game by Sparkling Society. Build the city of your dreams, collect all buildings found in City Island 1, 2, 3, 4 and City Island 5 and merge buildings in this city building merge collection sim game.

Christmas🎄 is almost here, check this! 🤩

Because you are part of our loyal fanbase, we are so happy that you play and enjoy our games. We created a new GIFT CODE for you to use in our games. The gift code is: HOLIDAYS2022

You can read here how to redeem the gifts!

In Zoo Life: Animal Park, we have a limited Winter Wonderland Bundle live! Get it now!

There is a new exclusive Winter Building Pack! ⛄ for Village City Town – Limited time only, get it now!

We always have events running in our games. Can you complete them? The beloved Presents Event is there, in more games! Winter Edition is there too! Play now, just the weekend to finish!

Special Christmas Gift To You! One of our team has a secret passion for music and shared this new album. We were so blown away that we want to share it with you! Check it out below. 🎵

YW2 (Continuous Mix) – Give it a stream!

That is for this week, hope you have some lovely time with your loved ones. 💞
There is something cool coming up… Did you find it yet? Soon!

~ Sparkling Society Team ✨

City Island: Collections

City Island Collections

City Island: Collections is a tribute game especially for all City Island fans to celebrate 10 years of City Island games. It is a fun game and a big trip down memory at the same time, as you can play and collect all kinds of items from the City Island 1 through 5 games!

City Island: Collections is a merge City Building Game by Sparkling Society. Build the city of your dreams, collect all buildings found in City Island 1, 2, 3, 4 and City Island 5 and merge buildings in this city building merge collection sim game.

City Island: Collections is a merge sim game that can be played offline, which means you do not need a wifi connection to play! Build, collect and merge the best city from anywhere you like, without the need for an internet connection!

Discover hundreds of buildings from City Island 1 all the way to City Island 5! You can collect not only residential but also commercial and community buildings! Complete challenges, trade with friends or open packs to earn cards and collect all your favorite City Island buildings from the past decade! Open packs and be surprised what you are going to get this time. Manage your city the most efficiently or just make it beautiful. The decision is yours! Just enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Merge, collect and build a city in this sim game. Upgrade common to uncommon or rare. Or use cards to merge epic into legendary and even mythic buildings. We offer a wide range of all your favorite building cards that you can not resist to love!

Level up in this city builder simulation game to unlock new tycoon features. Merge, collect, decorate and more! Unlock new islands by constructing lots of different buildings like a, cafe, restaurant, dinner, garden, farm, casino, town, empire, or a cozy home, just to give you an idea. It is up to you to build and manage your dream city!

Enjoy the beauty of our graphics and animations. Learn more about quirky or lovable characters! Dive into a wide collection of customization options to build the perfect city town village to your wishes! As in all of our city building games, we uphold only the best quality for our players in this brand new city, sim game!

Complete challenges, earn special rewards and progress into becoming the best city town village manager ever! Enjoy this new refreshing Sparkling Society simulation game! Build and collect the best city builder of the world! Fun for the whole family when you are idle!

Do you love our city building games, but are you looking for a bit more challenge? In City Island Collections Merge Game we take our simulation games to the next level with new collect and merge gameplay! Merge your buildings, collect cards and evolve them to common, uncommon, epic or legendary! Your competition is strong, so make sure your city town village becomes the most popular!

The Sparkling Society team is always working hard on creating new features and loads of content, so let us know what features you would like to see. As you might have experienced in our other city building games, we appreciate your feedback and will do our best to keep you happy!

So wait no longer, and start playing this City Island: Collections merge game right away. Offline or online! No internet required to join! This will be the most fun city building simulation management idle game you do not want to miss! Prove your skills as a mayor and turn your city in the best tropic paradise island there is! Enjoy playing!

Key features:
★ Collect 300+ unique buildings and decorations!
★ Build your own city village town in this collectible card collection merge game
★ Free to play: the game can be played without spending money, but we do offer in-app purchases.
★ Casual city collect sim merge game for everybody; easy to play city simulation and card collection game.
★ Build a village grow into on different types of like a town, metropole or city
★ Collect daily rewards and achievements

Winter holidays are here, don’t miss out on these snowy updates! 🎁❄

The Winter Calendar 📅 for City Island 5 is live. Log in every day to get a free gifts! Open now!

We have a new and returning building packs returning in City Island 5. Available for a limited time only!

Your citizens are in a generous mood! Play the Plenty of Presents Winter Edition!

In Zoo Life: Animal Park, there are two new features! The Gift Shop and Expansions Chests!

The Emergency Expansions Event will come soon! Keep an eye open for when it’s in your game.

That’s all for now, have some very merry Sparkling holidays ⛄
Sparkling Society Team

Deals & something ✨very special✨ soon? 👀

We have something very special coming up for you guys… Can you guess?

It’s been Black Friday – we’re sure you’ve noticed. We do have some cool deals for you in City Island 5! Buy them now.

Can you help us? We love to have some more 5 star (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) reviews for our game, Village City Island! Rate it now and help us 🥰. It would mean a lot to us, so we can improve the game.

In Zoo Life you can customize your zoo entrance style! Available now!

Finish the Presents Event in City Island 5 or Village City Town! Get those gifts! 🎁

After that event finished, the Solo Challenges Event comes to City Island 5 and Village City Town will have the Wonders Never Cease Event, be ready to play both!

Hope to see you soon in your cities again!
~ Sparkling Society Team ✨

Halloween is coming… 🎃🦇👻 & more updates!

Are you ready to get spooky? Jane needs your help, how about you brew her some potions? 🧪

To go with that new event, we have Halloween Building Packs on Sale, from the 27th of October! Be quick, for limited time only, as always! ⏳

We have some other good news… You asked for it: New Islands are coming! Today!

You can play to Level 250 now! What level are you on? 💭

In Fantasy Island Sim, the Halloween Event is also live! Play now.

Have fun playing and spook on! 👻

Sparkling updates 🌟

We are happy to announce our new game, Zoo Life: Animal Park is live!
What are your thoughts on the game? Install it now and let us know!
You can help us if you leave a 5 ⭐ review! Thanks so much.

The Village City Town Wonders Event is almost over, hurry over the weekend to finish it 🗿

The Solo Challenges Event is live for City Island 5. Good luck & play now! 🥇

We have another update for our players in many games, please read this ❗

As some of you have noticed, some features in City Island 5, Farm Dream and some other games no longer work. Those games relied on an external “backend service” (from GameSparks) which they discontinued per September 30, 2022, meaning that we could no longer use it. Currently, we are building a “backend service” to replace it. We are very sorry, but this takes some time and in the meantime those few features will not fully work. For your inconvenience, we provided everyone of you with 25 gold for free in City Island 5. Thank you for your understanding and patience while we rebuild those features for you!

Sparkling Society Team.