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Easter Beauty Available 🐣

City Island 6: Hop into the Easter spirit with the Easter Egg Building Pack in City Island 6! 🌷 Transform your island into a vibrant spring wonderland with exclusive decorations and charming buildings. Don’t miss this egg-ceptional opportunity to add some seasonal flair to your cityscape. 🎉🐰

Unwrap now!

Easter egg building pack

New Easter Challenges 🐰

City Island 5: Hop into the Easter Challenges event in City Island 5 and hatch some fun by winning the Egg Painting School! 🎨 Don’t miss out on this egg-citing opportunity, start collecting those eggs now 🥚

Play Easter Challenges!

Easter challenges

Join Our Feedback Expedition!🔎

Are you passionate about City Island 6 and eager to share your thoughts? My name is Daphne, and as part of my communication internship at Sparkling Society, I’m keen on understanding your experiences with the game’s communication. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve how we connect with our player community.

As part of my research, I’m delving into how you experience the customer journey, particularly in deciding whether to invest in in-game content. Your insights can provide crucial understanding in this area. Your responses will be anonymous and solely used for my internship project.

Could you take a moment to fill out the form linked below? If you’re open to it, I’d love to plan a chat with you in the upcoming days for 20-30 minutes to discuss your thoughts. 

Let’s team up to make City Island 6 even better! 🌟💬

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Watch out for Big Bites 🦈

Zoo LifeDive into the depths of Zoo Life’s perilous waters with our latest offer! For a limited time, seize the Jeopardous Jaws Bundle at a discounted rate of 90 gold. This exclusive package includes the fierce Hammerhead Shark and the legendary Great White Shark. Enhance your zoo’s allure with these formidable predators and craft a habitat that instills awe in all who visit. Don’t let this extraordinary opportunity slip away – unlock the power of the deep seas today! 🌌🦈

Claim the Jeopardous Jaws Bundle!

Jeopardous Jaws Bundle

Rule the Savings 🎫

City Island 6: Attention all urban architects of City Island 6! Get ready to embark on an exciting new adventure as we introduce the Coupon King Event, now available in its test version. Dive into the thrill of uncovering secret coupons to unlock reward chests packed with surprises. Stay tuned for more updates as we fine-tune the experience for maximum enjoyment. Are you ready to master the art of savings and become the ultimate Coupon King? 🏷️✨

Become a Coupon King!

Coupon King

Register for Rewards!🎢 

Roller Coaster Life: 🎢 Attention all thrill-seekers! Roller Coaster Life is revving up for launch, coming around the 15th of April, and promising an adrenaline-fueled experience you won’t want to miss! Dive into the ultimate theme park adventure, ensuring guest satisfaction, and participating in electrifying events. Pre-registering on Google Play and the App Store to unlock your exclusive Super Fan Monument upon release. 🥳✨

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Gift Code For Our Loyal Fans 🪙

Our gift code for this week is: “EATERSOON“. 
Get your gifts in the following games:
City Island 5 🏡 Redeem here
City Island 6 🏙️ Redeem here
Zoo Life 🐼 Redeem here.
Jurassic Dinosaur 🦖 – Redeem here.

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