There are a number of ways to get easy FREE gold, diamonds & cash in our games. It is very easy to get it, below you can read how.

  1. Every week, we provide free giftcodes on our Facebook page, that can be redeemed in ALL our games. Make sure to like our Facebook page not to miss any free gifts.
  2. Subscribe to the newsletter (above!) to receive occasional newsletters and free giftcodes to redeem in our games as well.
  3. Redeem friendcodes of other players results in cash in the games. Instead of redeeming a giftcode, just enter the friendcode of another player there and voila, there is your cash.
  4. Share your friendcode (e.g. with your rating in Google Play!) for others to redeem in their games. Every player that redeems your friendcode in his/her game, results in a cash for both you and him/her.
  5. Of course, there are also a number of ways in the gameplay itself to get your hands on easy free gold/diamonds:
    1. Offerwall -> Get there by clicking on the “free” button in the “shop menu –> currency”, then just install some apps or follow some instructions to get free gold / diamonds
    2. Video Rewards -> Discover a number of apps by watching videos

That’s it. If you have great suggestions for improvements, let us know below. Enjoy our games!

Free gold