We got what you asked for… 💬 and many more updates!

We’re back again with some things that you asked for… It wasn’t our original plan. We decided to invest some valuable development time in your number 1 request!
Again, what is City Escape?
Take a break from the busy city, escape to the countryside to build your dream home! Join the Filburns to make an abandoned farm into a dream home! Will they be able to overcome all the drama and live happily ever after?
Play puzzle games🧩 and earn stars⭐  to complete tasks. Each task will allow you to renovate your farm and unfold a piece of the story.😳
Check out City Escape on Google PlayStoreApple AppStore or newly released Windows Store But there is more to share… An update to our other cool game, Village City Town!
Finally, if you want to hear more from us, follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Or join our new official Discord community! Now we’ll get back to the development. Thanks for your support, feedback, ratings and all your love! We hope you and your friends will enjoy our games forever! 🙂
Mark Peeters
CEO of Sparkling Society