Brand-new special events🛩️🐡, new available buildings✨ and a teaser👀!

Hi beloved city builder,
We have another surprise for you! It seems… festive? 🦴🥳

Road To Rewards is here! 🛩️

The brand-new Road to Rewards Event is here in City Island 5. Play on the special event island 🏝️ with a many new things and special rules. Can you finish the expansions and unlock the grand prize, the new exclusive ferris wheel🎡 – which is Ultra Rare! This video has instructions.💡

Play Road to Rewards now!

Frozen Fun Bundle🌨️

Zoo Life has the amazing Frozen Fun Bundle on sale. You can get it now, available for limited time only. Your chance to receive a few winter-themed❄️ buildings, such as the ice skating⛸️ and the Penguin Slide🐧🛝!
But most importantly, the Arctic Fox! 🤍

Buy the Frozen Fun Bundle now!

Huh? What’s that… Seems festive! 🎉

What might come👀 ? Tip: It will be for Jurassic Dinosaur!🦖

Zoo Life Sunken Treasures💰

Come and play the Zoo Life: Animal Park first ever mini-game event and earn various sea life themed rewards! 🌊 🐡 💦
Manage your zoo to earn Oxygen Tanks, and play a round of Sunken Treasures to collect Shells! Swipe up and down on your screen (or ⬆️⬇️ for Windows) to dodge obstacles. 

Play Sunken Treasures now!

Jaunt building pack ✨

City Island 5 has another building pack, so there’s more to collect! Be sure to check daily for new available content.

The Jaunts Building Pack includes the Go-Karts🏍️, Rock Concert👩🏼‍🎤 (Ultra Rare Building), Camping⛺, much more! 👩🏼‍🌾

Buy the Jaunts Pack now!

Gift Code For Our Loyal Fans 🪙

Our gift code for this week is: “rewardcity“. Be quick to cash it! It works in all games where you can claim gift codes!

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See you soon in our games! 

The Sparkling Society team

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