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Who is Sparkling Society?
This is the Cookie Statement of Sparkling Society Games B.V. and its affiliates (together “Sparkling Society”). Sparkling Society is a developer of games with the ambition to engage players into fans, i.e. “members of the sparkling society”. Sparkling Society focuses on the development of games for players of 16 years and older. You can find more information about us and our activities on our website

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Cookies or similar technologies such as tracking pixels, fingerprint devices, web beacons, etc. (“cookies”) are text files that are stored on your computer, smartphone or tablet when you visit our website. The placement and reading out of cookies ensures that you do not repeatedly have to receive or enter the same information when you visit our website. In addition, we can track which pages on our website you visit and link data for example marketing purposes.

The cookies we use
• Functional cookies: these enable us to ensure that the website works properly. We use functional cookies for:
1. Saving preferences such as language and location
2. Matching your browser format to your monitor’s resolution
3. Enabling you to place a response on our website
• Analytical cookies: we use these cookies to analyse the way the website is used, so that we can improve the quality, effectiveness and experience. We use analytical cookies to optimise our website. We do this by:
1. Tracking the number of visitors to the website
2. Recording how long visitors stay on our website
3. Recording which pages the visitors view
• Marketing and personal preferences: by placing marketing cookies, we can serve you targeted offers and show content that is relevant to you. We try to ensure that the advertisements align as closely as possible with your interests. For example, we use these cookies for:
1. Showing advertisements that matches with interests of the visitor of our website
2. Track the advertisements a visitor has already seen to avoid showing certain advertisements.
• Social media cookies: the content of our website can be shared via social media by the buttons. We use cookies to enable this.

Cookies placed by third parties
For more information about the cookies placed by third parties and social media, and the data they gather, we refer to the statements made by these parties on their own websites. See also the overview of cookies. These statements may change from time to time. Sparkling Society has no influence on this. Beside of that Sparkling Society has no influence on the (personal)data which third parties collect by storing and reading out their cookies. 

Personal data that we process
No prior consent is required for the placement and reading out of functional and analytical cookies that have little or no effect on the privacy of visitors. These cookies may always be placed when you visit our website and cannot be disabled.

We request your consent before placing and reading out other analytical, marketing and advertising cookies and social media cookies. You can provide this consent through our cookie banner, and you can always alter or withdraw your consent.

We process or combine your data with those cookies that we use to process personal data and collect personal preferences. As explained previously, we have a ‘basis for processing’ that applies for every instance in which we process personal data.

Overview of cookies
Download the overview of cookies here

Deleting or disabling cookies
If you do not want cookies, you can adjust your settings or delete the cookies yourself. Changing your cookies settings may have an effect on the functioning of the website.
The settings in most browsers can be configured in such a way that cookies do not get accepted, or that you receive a notification when you receive a cookie. You can find out how to configure your browser’s settings under its settings menu.

Contact details
If you have questions about this Cookie Statement, please contact:
Sparkling Society Games B.V., Drie Akersstraat 13, 2611 JR Delft,

Changes to this Cookie Statement
This Cookie Statement was adopted on 28 February 2020. We may update our Cookie Statement from time to time.