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Start with the Goodies 🪙 

City Island 6: We’re delighted to reward you with gifts as our way of saying thank you for playing! 🎁 
Enjoy 150 Tokens 🎰 by opening up this link! How does it work? Download City Island 6 first, and then open the link on the device that you play with! If it doesn’t work, copy this into your browser: https://deeplink.sparklingsociety.net/cityisland6/?code=fXGVw7vT 
You need the full link and code behind the = (equals sign).

Get 150 Tokens!

Thrilling Adventures Await 🎢

Roller Coaster Life: The game is gearing up for launch. Prepare for the ultimate theme park adventure, where you’ll design exhilarating rides, manage guest satisfaction, and take part in thrilling events. Whether you’re on Android, iOS, or Windows, the excitement awaits. Pre-register now on Google Play and the App Store to claim your exclusive Super Fan Monument upon release. Thank you for being part of our community! 🎡✨

Pre-Register Now!

Roar into Action 🦖

Jurassic Dinosaur: Experience the excitement of the Fang Festival in Jurassic Dinosaur. Explore the untamed wilderness, and unlock the mighty Tylosaurus to reign supreme in the prehistoric world. Start now and claim your place among the dinosaurs! 🎮🌿

Play the Fang Festival!

Sunken Treasure Event 🐬

Zoo Life: Begin a new underwater quest in Zoo Life’s Sunken Treasures event. Collect Oxygen Tanks to unlock rewards, including the awesome Beluga habitat. Dive deep, gather resources, and expand your zoo with these majestic marine animals! 🌊🏝️

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Our gift code for this week is: “FEBRUARY2024“. 
Get your gifts in the following games:
City Island 5 🏡 Redeem here
City Island 6 🏙️ Redeem here
Zoo Life 🐼 Redeem here.
Jurassic Dinosaur 🦖 – Redeem here.

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