Fan Content Policy Sparkling Society A lot of players want to use the Sparkling Society brands and we want to make that possible for our players. We love our Community and we are proud of what players can and want to do around Sparkling Society’s brands! Most players just want to use the Sparkling Society Assets (see below) to create cool stuff around the games. We’re really excited about that. However, at times people go too far and try to convince the community that their products, services, sites or videos are connected with, endorsed or produced by Sparkling Society. There are people who do this deliberately in order to take advantage of the Community and the efforts of the Sparkling Society game teams. This can lead to players believing in information, buying stuff or even providing personal information on the basis of that content being official. We do not approve this behaviour. This Fan Content Policy governs your use of Sparkling Society’s copyrights and trademarks from the City Island series, City Island Airport series, Paradise City Island Sim, Paradise City Island Sim series, Deck Adventures Wild Arena, and all other Sparkling Society Games, including any related fan kits provided by us (“Sparkling Society Assets”) for Fan Content purposes. We will not give warnings for violations of this Policy.

1. Specific rules for Fan Content

Fan Content Purposes only. When we talk about Fan Content purposes, we mean this: Your use of Sparkling Society Assets in Fan Content must be limited to displaying, identifying and discussing only Sparkling Society’s products as permitted by this Policy. You cannot create new products or content based on Sparkling Society Assets, such as games based on the Sparkling Society game characters. Not even if they were free. Permitted Fan Content normally includes for example non-commercial fan-generated online guides and guide apps, fan meetups, fan pages and gameplay videos as long as they follow this Policy. Be non-commercial. You are not permitted to charge a fee of any kind (including in-app functionalities) from customers or visitors to your Fan Content, unless this has expressly been approved by Sparkling Society. You may, however, generally monetize your Fan Content by using advertisements. If you use ads, they must comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and developer policies. Respect Sparkling Society’s brand. You cannot create the impression that Sparkling Society is a sponsor or creator of or otherwise endorses your Fan Content. You also cannot create any materials from the Sparkling Society Assets that are similar to Sparkling Society’s logos, trademarks or other elements of Sparkling Society’s products and services. You can’t modify Sparkling Society Assets without our express permission. Keep it online. You are not permitted to manufacture or distribute (for free or otherwise) physical items such as T-shirts that bear any Sparkling Society Assets or other Sparkling Society intellectual property without a separate, express written agreement between you and Sparkling Society. No novels, theatricals or the like. You are not permitted to write, produce or create any novels, theatrical productions or other adaptations that include Sparkling Society’s intellectual property without our express written permission. Insert disclaimers. Do include the following notice (or a substantially similar unofficially notice) in a font legible to end users of the Fan Content in connection with your use of Sparkling Society Assets: “This content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Sparkling Society and Sparkling Society is not responsible for it. For more information see Sparkling Society’s Fan Content Policy:” No domains or the like. You can’t register domain names, social media accounts or related addresses for your Fan Content which include Sparkling Society’s trademarks (such as Sparkling Society, the City Island series, City Island Airport series, Paradise City Island Sim, Paradise City Island Sim series, Deck Adventures Wild Arena) without a separate written agreement with us. No bad stuff. The Sparkling Society Assets may not be used on or in connection with any Fan Content that (i) promotes hacks or cheats, sexually explicit materials, violence, discrimination or illegal activities, (ii) makes disparaging, libelous or dishonest statements about Sparkling Society and/or its products, employees and agents or (iii) contains other objectionable content.

2. Fan Meetups

If you are looking to organise a fan meetup, we consider it ”Fan Content” under this Policy. Although we are excited about unofficial fan meetups, there are a few rules we want you to keep in mind when you organise them. As with all Fan Content, you are responsible for ensuring that you comply with local laws and regulations. We do not take responsibility for fan meetups and you must make this clear for anyone attending or otherwise being involved with the fan meetup. You are solely responsible for everything related to the fan meetup and your compliance with this Policy. Please make sure that you have informed the relevant authorities of the fan meetup and that you have sufficient permissions to organise it from authorities, venue owners and other involved parties.

3. Additional Terms

Our use of your Fan Content. We may from time to time use your Fan Content without compensation in a manner we consider reasonable, for example by reposting it in our online channels or otherwise using it in our marketing activities. Unpublished information and feedback. If you receive information from us regarding not-yet-published content, you need to keep that information to yourself and not disclose it to anyone else. Also, if you give us any kind of feedback, information or suggestions regarding our games or otherwise, you understand that we can use it without further compensation or other obligations to you. We reserve the right to determine what type of Fan Content we are OK with and may revoke the limited use license in this Policy at any time and for any reason. This Policy is part of the Sparkling Society Terms of Use, and we may modify them at any time. When using Sparkling Society Assets for Fan Content purposes, your use is subject to the Sparkling Society Terms of Service (including any warranty disclaimers and limitations of liability). In the event a term of this Policy conflicts with a term of the Terms of Service, this Policy takes precedence with respect to any issues related to Fan Content.