New Additions: Scheduled Updates, Dino Surprises, and Pet Fun… Plus 2 Surprise Gifts! 🎁

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Lovely Pet Friends for You!πŸˆπŸ•

Zoo Life: We know you love to include animals in your zoo park, this time we have the limited Cats & Dogs Bundle for sale, so a special price. Get those dear friends to your park and see your visitors enjoy these additions.

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Fresh Updates Ready! β˜€οΈ

City Island 6: Thanks so much for playing, and we have heard your requests in the survey! We are hard at work to make everything possible, but for now, we have the following in store: 25 new XP levels, 20 new buildings, and at last: 60 new decorations. Beautify your city with these new finishing touches. 🏑

The update is scheduled for release on 6 February. Update your game in the Google Play or App Store to get it. ⭐ Also, EnjoyΒ 10 GoldΒ by opening upΒ this link! If it doesn’t work, copy it into your browser:ΒΒ (you need the full link and code behind the =)

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More dinosaurs with sales packsπŸ¦•

Jurassic Dinosaur: Not one, but multiple sales are available! Get the legendary Stegosaurus in the pack, or find new animals in the Sneaky Swamp pack. Available for a few more days, so hurry to get it. Also, have you tried the Bone Bash? 🦴 The event is live for a few more days, so good luck trying to get the Brachiosaurus. ⭐

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Fancy Packs and all 🏰 

City Island 5: Experience medieval enchantment in City Island 5! 🏰 Unlock the Medieval Castle Pack. Act fast, as these historical marvels will only be available today for now. Stay tuned for our upcoming sports pack, launching tomorrow! πŸ€

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Medieval Castle

Something is coming… 🎒 

Hope you like what we have in store coming soon for you! More information later…

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