November: Speed Up!

facebook page and on the game website itself. One of the points the player mentioned is that the gold buildings are pretty expensive. It is very difficult to set a price that is challenging and fun and on the other hand does not require us to fire all our developers…

Progress in November

For the upcoming month, we sat together and think that we have found a nice special: the November Speed Up! In the month of November, all prices for gold buildings will be temporarily reduced with 25%! If you play it smart, you can make a huge progress the upcoming month and have lots of beautiful buildings on your island. If for us it turns out properly as well, we might keep the price level like this…

Larger Island

And one more thing, don’t expect to fill your island just yet, because we also have heard that the island is a little too small, so we will be releasing a larger island somewhere this month as well! So stay tuned!

Any further suggestions?

If you have any further suggestions, want to share your thoughts or have questions, please feel free to respond in the comments below!]]>