Sparkling design contest

Sparkling design contest

Have you ever dreamed of your own designed building to become a real City Island 5 building? Dream no more and join this contest to have a chance at making it a reality!

How to participate?
Design a COMMUNITY type building. You can draw it by hand, make it in 3D, digital paint it, it doesn’t matter, AS LONG as it is your OWN design. Entries that contain content you did not make will be disqualified! If you make it in 3D, please make sure to add some work in progress images of it and mention the software you’re using. – Give your building a name and a description on why this represents a Community building. If you want, you can add the preferred surface type too!

Send your entry to BEFORE Sunday December 6th 23:59PM UTC. Only entries that are sent to this email will participate. – You can send as many entries as you want, as long as they follow the requirements mentioned. – If you are one of the winners, you agree that your entries and copyright subsisting in the entries become and remain the property of Sparkling Society. This contest is not endorsed, sponsored or administrated by Facebook We will pick the top 5 entries and start a poll on Tuesday December 8th. This poll will last for one week, so the final top 3 winners will be revealed on December 15th!

The top 3 winner designs will become REAL City Island 5 Community buildings🎉❤️ Check out the final image to see the previous winners from the Residential and Commercial categories!😍 Good luck everyone and we can’t wait to see what you will create! Please keep this thread free for questions about this contest, so questions won’t get lost😊

✍️NOTE: Prizes can only be sent to Android/iOS/Windows players