Your Weekend Surprise: Explore Exclusive Rewards Across Our Games! 🎈

Hi magical manager πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’Ό
What a fabulous weekend ahead with the following updates!

Generous Gifts! 🧧

City Island 6: We know you love playing City Island 6 and we know you love gifts! For being a loyal fan, we thank you so much, so here is a reward for you. πŸ₯° Claim it in the game by visiting the link:Β

To claim yourΒ GoldπŸͺ™, download City Island 6 first, then open the link on the device that you play with. If clicking doesn’t work, you can always copy and paste in your browser.

Claim your gifts! πŸŽ

Fly Away πŸ¦…

Zoo Life: Get the fancy Harpy Eagle Bundle with the Crafting Club✏️ and Hot Air Balloon🎈. Upgrade your park with the bundle to have some fresh buildings and more for all your dear visitors. Brighten your zoo with these fancy extras πŸ•ŠοΈ

Check out the bundle!

Munch Away 🌭

City Island 6: Get ready to upgrade your cityscape with the upcoming Street Vendor pack. Dive into a variety of stands and food trucks, offering everything from tasty corn on the cob to fresh fish and even a spot for polishing shoes. πŸŒ½πŸ‘ž

Get the bundle now!

🎒 Launching SoonπŸš€

Roller Coaster Life: will come to your device on April 15th! That’s just 10 days away, isn’t that exciting? To be able to get it immediately when it’s available, pre-register now – and receive an exclusive reward! I can’t wait to see which rides you will discover πŸ”Ž

Preview the game here (or video below), andΒ Pre-register here!

Gift Code For Our Loyal Fans πŸͺ™

Our gift code for this week is: β€œSPRINGSOONβ€œ.Β 
Get your gifts in the following games:
City Island 5 🏑 Redeem here. 
City Island 6 πŸ™οΈ Redeem here.Β 
Zoo Life 🐼 Redeem here.
Jurassic Dinosaur πŸ¦– – Redeem here.

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See you soon in our games! 

The Sparkling Society team